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Cary "CKP" Kanno cut his teeth early with bands in Chicago Illinois.  Gritty and unabashedly midwest, the Abstract Giants (hip hop/ funk band), and Doko Benjo (rock/ funk band) were locally successful and served as a springboard to foster his talents as a multi-instrumentalist songwriter. His solo career began in 2009 when he simultaneously released two solo albums simply called "Cary Kanno One" and "Cary Kanno Two".  Reception to the records were overwhelmingly positive.  They were played on over 150 radio stations worldwide, and the album charted on the CMJ charts of several stations. From there he released Changes (2012), Under The Sun (2013), and A Little More Love (2014), Impossible (2014). Total spin counts for these records on Pandora are over 350,000. Songs from these albums have been placed with Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, Gas Jeans (Europe), Volkswagen, The Voice (NBC), Discover Channel, TLC, WE Network, Bravo Network, Nissan, Ford Motor Co, Putumayo World Music, Weeds on Showtime, and many more.

Cary plays over 80 live gigs per year, and has opened for many well known acts including: Rusted Root, Gabriela y Rodrigo, Robert Randolph, The Gza, The Rza, Lyrics Born, Mr. Lif, Buckwheat Zydeco, Jean Gray, DJ Z-Trip, The Redwalls, Poi Dog Pondering, Eyedea, Andrew Bird, Bernie Worrell, Doomtree, Del the Funky Homosapien, and many more.


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Live performance at Chicago Acoustic Underground
(featuring RonP, Andy Lempera, Jake Samson)

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Cary's album "Changes" received a great review from obscuresound.com (a popular music blog that receives over 20,000 visitors per week).


"Changes" just received a great review from Patrick Conlan and the Illinois Entertainer!


The music video for "We Don't Have to Change" got a great review from Ampedsounds.com. Click on the link and give a 100% rating to the video!



"Cary Kanno is a very talented musician that plays a multitude of musical instruments, and sings and writes his songs too. In this video, he has three images of himself playing three different instruments, which is a clever way to show off his talents. The Country/Pop song is pleasant enough to listen to, and the mellow vibe of the video complements this. It’s not a very exciting video, but it keeps your attention and does not get too boring.
The visuals are nice, with scenes of Kanno walking through a field with his guitar strapped to his back, and a scene with three of himself sitting in a barn and jamming. It’s cool the way he does this, and is different from a lot of other videos I have seen. His voice is in an upper range and is very rich, and the song has an Uncle Kracker vibe to it. The harmonizing in the sing is great also, with Kanno recording his voice singing in different keys and then mixing them back together in the studio. It’s an enjoyable song with pleasant visuals in the vid. The song ends with great piano playing, with the camera on Kanno’s hands playing the notes on the piano keys. It’s a fitting end to the video– just emphasizing the unique talent of this up and coming musician."

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Cary Kanno "Two" peaks at #2

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Daddy's Song racks up over 43,000 spins on Pandora in less than 1 year (over 815 spins per week)


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Cary Kanno "One" album review:

Cary Kanno is wasting no time trying to become a one-man musical force. After forming two bands (Abstract Giants and Doko Benjo), he dove head-first into a solo career, simultaneously releasing two LPs (creatively titled One & Two), on which he played nearly every instrument and handled full mixing and production duties. One deftly captures 15 tracks of Kanno’s definitive sound — his honest, no-frills, laid-back vocals over simple country/ folk/pop-tinged instrumentals. Kanno’s sound is a beautiful example of “less is more.”

– Carter Moss, Illinois Entertainer 5/2010

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Cary licensed one of his songs for a commercial for "Weeds" on the Showtime Network.
All instruments (besides drums) played by Cary Kanno:

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Cary Kanno singing the National Anthem at Wrigley Field:

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