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8/17: Cary will be playing a Lollapalooza event at Macys on State St (by Lolla) on Fri and Sat at 11:30am.

7/17: Cary had the opportunity to play for a Major League Soccer All-Star event in Chicago. He played the welcome reception for the All-Stars and Real Madrid, as well as the mayor of Chicago and other distinguished guests.

6/17: "I play alot of gigs, but tonight's was one of the most meaningful and rewarding.... I played at Camp I Am Me, a camp for kids who are burn survivors. The room was rockin... kids singing along, playing percussion, dancing. My beat boxing/ looping tutorial even went over well. Great kids, great staff, great camp!"

camp1 camp2

*thanks for Phil Zaleski for the photos

5/17: This national commercial, has been getting alot of play recently on NBC. It's for Panama City Beach Tourism featuring "Fun Under the Sun" by Cary Kanno

*to view videos full screen, click on youtube logo

3/17: Cary's song "Everybody Has It" was featured in an episode of the tv show "Nashville". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Io6ve5pcUeo).https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Io6ve5pcUeo

3/17: Cary's in-store radio report for the 2nd half of 2016: 1.19 million plays for his original music from Croatia to Italy to Sweden (mostly Italy and Spain).


3/17: Here is a music video for Cary's song "A Little More Love " from the album of the same name.

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3/17: Here is a music video for Cary's song "This is a Wonderland" from the album Wonderland

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2/17: Cary had the opportunity to make this song, "Smile With Simon" with a talented writer and friend Patricia Simon. She wrote 2 children's books (due out soon) about a bird who looks a little different due to a cleft palate. It's a great story about tolerance, understanding, and awareness. https://vimeo.com/206003080


2/17: A new live show date has been added to the calendar... April 10th at Mona Records Cafe in Tokyo, Japan!

2/17: Cary's song "Sunshine Love" is being used for a Krispy Kreme commercial...

1/17: Cary's song "Impossible" is featured on a National Geographic Channel show called "Dirty Rotten Survival". It's around the 1:45min mark here http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/…/vi…/the-hog-catcher/.


11/16: Cary's songs "Keep Driving" & "Running Away" are featured in a new German mini-documentary called "Eine Nacht im gruseligsten Wald der Welt - Hoia Baciu". It's about a man who travels to a haunted forest in Romania and spends the night. The video has over 150k views in just 4 days on youtube.

*to view videos full screen, click on youtube logo

10/16: Cary's song, "Inspiration" (off the album Impossible), has been featured in a new book called “Diary of a Teenage Empath” by Jeannette Folan. How can a song be "in" a book? It's called BookTrack, and readers can listen to a soundtrack playing in synch with the text.



10/16: This video has over 4.5 million views... features "Things that I've Seen" off the album Bum 1. It's of bikers going down ski hills... pretty nuts.

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9/16: Cary's new album and song "This is a Wonderland" got a nice blog writeup by Yab Yum Music.

Chicago-based Cary Kanno has quite the lighthearted, summertime feel for someone out of the Windy City. “This is Wonderland” combines ukes, banjos, tambourines, shakers and more without over-saturating the sound. Instead, you find a harmonious merging and the effect is effervescent. If you enjoy “This is Wonderful”, I recommend checking out Kanno’s new album, Wonderland, available here.




8/16: Here are a number of new placements for Cary Kanno songs:

*to view videos full screen, click on youtube logo
A commercial the Courtyard Marriott featuring "Animals"


*to view videos full screen, click on youtube logo
A commercial from France featuring "Fun Under the Sun"


*to view videos full screen, click on youtube logo
A commercial for East Glacial River - Rafting in Iceland (Viking Rafting Promo)


*to view videos full screen, click on youtube logo
A commercial for a children's clothing company called LemonTree. Features "Daddy's Song".
NOTE: probably need to click on the youtube link to play video


*to view videos full screen, click on youtube logo
Some cool drone footage of the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia (from the Dubrovnik Tourism Board). Features "Back on the Roof".


*to view videos full screen, click on youtube logo
A TV segment on Ostrich Farming from South Africa . Features "Goodnight".


*to view videos full screen, click on youtube logo
A TV segment from Indonesia on food. Features "Fun Under the Sun".


*to view videos full screen, click on youtube logo
A tourism commercial for San Javier, Spain, with some cool drone footage. Features "Fun Under the Sun".


7/16: A blog called Middle Tennessee Music posted one of Cary's songs, "This is a Wonderland" off his new album. They have about 6000 followers. These blogs are overwhelmed by music, especially because major labels are going after blog placements. It's very hard to get a placement, so this is pretty cool!


6/16: Cary's new CD "Wonderland"has officially been released!
Cary: "I've always found it easy to write slow, melancholic songs, or funky songs in a minor key, so I wanted to challenge myself to write songs that were happy, bouncy, major key, musically interesting, had exciting moments, and still sounded good. In the end I wanted an album that I would enjoy listening to. There's alot of ukulele, banjo, piano, and acoustic guitars."
You can get the album here (digital or CD), or at itunes.


6/16: Cary Kanno hashad some good plays on TV shows: 2 on "Pawn Stars" (History Channel), 2 on "American Restoration" (History Channel), "Food Porn" (FYI Network), "Golf, Farmers Insurance Open" (CBS), 2 on "The Ride" (MTV UK), 2 on "Tiny House Nation" (FYI Network), and 8 on "Watch What Happens Live" (Bravo network) .

am restpawn

PGA tiny


5/16: Cary Kanno had another play on his cousins show on TLC (The Willis Family). Season 2 episode 5 at the salon. It happened by sheer coincidence. He also had 5 more plays on "The Voice" (NBC), which brings the total up to 14 plays on that show.


5/16: The new album "Wonderland" is very close to being done. It features 17 songs of ukulele, banjo, guitar based music.


4/16: The Pandora stats came in today and "Daddy's Song" has had over 75,000 spins on Pandora in the past year.... 149,000 total spins.


2/16: The instore radio report for 2015 is in and Cary's music has been receiving heavy in-store radio play in Europe (mostly Italy). 76,312 stores are playing his songs, for a total of 1,269,602 plays.

2/16: A new video for a new Cary Kanno song.... "Sun and Moon":

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2/16: Here is a Dutch pharmaceutical company commercial featuring cute dogs and cats... and a song by Cary Kanno:

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2/16: A cool video for an interior decorating company featuring Cary's "Fun Under the Sun"

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1/16: A new national commercial for Panama City Beach Tourism featuring "Fun Under the Sun" by Cary Kanno

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1/16: Here are some great photos from a very talented photographer/ musician Adam Dausch. They were taken at a recent gig...







11/15: Cary was comissioned to write a song for Volkswagen in Turkey. They have used it in 3 commercials:


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9/15:Here is a fashion blog/ ad that features my song "Like the Wind" off my latest album The Light Fantastic: 

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9/15: Here is a commercial (from France), featuring Cary's song "Fun Under the Sun"

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9/15: Here is a live recording of "A Little More Love" off the "More Love" album.

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6/15: A cool little placement for "Fun Under the Sun"... 84,000 youtube hits in less than a week. Seems like a good idea too.

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5/15: The Light Fantastic received a nice review/ preview from berkeleyplaceblog.com.




5/15: The Light Fantastic... hot off the press:






4/15: The new album is now out on iTunes and CD Baby. It's called "The Light Fantastic".




4/15: Cary's song, "Fun Under the Sun" off the Under the Sun album has been used for a Mazda Japan for a short infomercial/ commercial. It's the 2nd song on the video.


*to view videos full screen, click on youtube logo


4/15: Cary's song, "Inspiration and Passion" will be used in a national TV commercial for Goldman Sachs



2/15: Cary's music has been receiving heavy in-store radio play in Europe (mostly Italy). Thousand's of plays in big chain retail stores such as Gallerie Commerciali Bennet, Toys Center, Leroy Merlin, Bricocenter, Upper Crust (UK), Scarpe&Scarpe, and many more. These stores are playing Cary's music everyday in hundreds of locations.


1/15: "Daddy's Song" (off the Under the Sun album) is gaining momentum on Pandora. Over 1,200 plays in the past 7 days with 35% of the listeners opting to "like" it.




1/15: 4 more placements on "The Voice" on NBC. All were plays of "Acoustic DItty". Other Placements:
- Here Comes Honey Boo Boo on TLC played "Home is Where the Heart Is" (don't judge!).
- America's Pregame... a NFL pregame show on FOX played a Cary Kanno instrumental song.



1/15: Impossible was released to Pandora today. Look it up... make a station!


11/14: Impossible was released to Itunes today! You can purchase it here (on Itunes). Here is a sample track: Everybody Has It

"This is the album I've always wanted to make. As far as the songwriting, instrumentation, sonic quality, creativity, and lyric writing it's some of my best work to date. It was challenging at times, but to create it and have it exist has been vastly rewarding to me."


11/14: "Daddy's Song" off the "Under the Sun" album has had over 42,000 spins on Pandora in less than 1 year. That's over 850 spins per week. You can buy the album here on iTunes! A few Cary Kanno songs have made it into regular rotation on Pandora. Total spins count for Cary Kanno is over 350,000!



10/14: Yes it's true, a new release is on it's way. It's called "Impossible" and it's a 13 song full album. They style can be described as Indie rock. Here are two tracks:

1. Impossible
2. Keep Driving


10/14: A very talented artist (Claire Fuller) has created a music video of the song "Fergie the Frog" (off the Under the Sun album). It was all hand drawn with pencils and watercolors:

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10/14: A new song placement, "Return to Amish" on TLC. The song is "Sunny Days" (off the Under the Sun album)"

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6/14: Here are a few of the TV placements for Cary Kanno:

Show: "Breaking the Faith" (TLC) Song: Shine from "Changes" by Cary Kanno.

Show: "Breaking the Faith" (TLC)
Song: Keep the Faith from "Changes" by Cary Kanno.

Show: "The Voice" (NBC) Song: Acoustic Ditty by Cary Kanno

 Show: "Miss Universe" (NBC) Song: Baaby by Cary Kanno (off Bum 1)

Show: "Moonshiners" (Discovery Channel)
Song: We Wish You a Merry Banjo by Cary Kanno (off Uke & Banjo Christmas)

*to view videos full screen, click on youtube logo


5/14: More recent song placements: The Voice (NBC), UFC Ultimate Insider (Fuel TV, FSN), Moonshiners (Discovery Channel), Breaking the Faith (TLC, 3 songs), and Miss Universe Pageant (NBC).




5/14: Yes the rumors are true, Cary has a new album out... or almost out. It's called "A Little More Love" and is a very happy, uptempo ukulele/ banjo/ acoustic guitar album. Check out 2 streaming tracks here:
Boy Meets Girl
A Little More Love
Now available on Itunes



5/14: Show Announcement! 7/10/14 Cary Kanno & the Giants will play Lincoln Square Summer Concert Series. It's a great event in the heart of Lincoln Square (Giddings Plaza).


3/14: Cary's song "Jingle Banjo Bells" (off Uke & Banjo Christmas) has been picked up by a major world label (Putumayo)for inclusion on a holiday music compilation. It will be in over 3000 retail locations around the world including Whole Foods. Look for it starting October 2014.

putumayo logo


1/14: Volkswagen bought "Fun Under the Sun" off the "Under the Sun" album. For some kind of commercial... I don't think it's out yet.

vw logo


10/13: a new video. "Fun Under the Sun" off the album "Under the Sun"

*to view videos full screen, click on youtube logo

Cary's song "Her Impudence Can't be Known" was used by the Bravo network for their show "Newlyweds". Episode 8, a scene where a girl meets her mother-in-law for the first time.



6/13: Great show in Lincoln Square. Here are a few images:





6/13: Thurs June 20th.Cary Kanno and the Giants play Lincoln Square Summer Concert Series.  Free show!  Bring a lawn chair, grab a beer, bring the kids (in that order).  This show will feature Joey Bohlmann, Holly Senchak, Adam Dausch, Andy Lempera, Matt Sherrell, Matt Conway, Emma Noel



6/13: Live from Ribfest- Chicago. "And He Tried".

6/13: Live from Ribfest- Chicago. "I Tried to Tell You".




*photos courtesy of Mark Mathis

*photos courtesy of Mark Mathis


5/13: Another song placement. This time for "Back On the Roof" off the album "Changes".

*to view videos full screen, click on youtube logo


5/13: 2 new shows anounced!
Sunday June 9th
Ribfest - Chicago

4130 N. Lincoln Ave
1:30-2:30pm. FULL BAND show!



Thursday June 20
Lincoln Square Summer Concert Series

4130 N. Lincoln Ave
6:30-9pm. FULL BAND show!


4/13: Cary recorded a song for the Murder Studios David Bowie tribute album.

Free Download : David Bowie's Fame ala Cary Kanno

You can check out the whole album here: http://murderincpresents.bandcamp.com/album/vol-2-the-bowie-compilation
The album features some amazing songs!


1/13: "Her Impudence Can't Be Known" was used by an Italian Jean company to promote one of their new lines. Check it out...

*to view videos full screen, click on youtube logo

1/13: Radio station stats: "Changes" is doing quite well on the radio.
It has made the CMJ charts at 5 stations:
HCC Radio, The Dragon Columbia MD #26
KUMD Duluth MN #27
KVNF Paonia CO #8
WCNI New London CT #25
WEFT Champaign IL #23

It is currently in rotation on over 100 stations in US and Canada.
It was also the #15 add on the CMJ top 200 charts

1/13: The music video for "We Don't Have to Change" got a great review from Ampedsounds.com. Click on the link and give a 100% rating to the video!


"Cary Kanno is a very talented musician that plays a multitude of musical instruments, and sings and writes his songs too. In this video, he has three images of himself playing three different instruments, which is a clever way to show off his talents. The Country/Pop song is pleasant enough to listen to, and the mellow vibe of the video complements this. It’s not a very exciting video, but it keeps your attention and does not get too boring.
The visuals are nice, with scenes of Kanno walking through a field with his guitar strapped to his back, and a scene with three of himself sitting in a barn and jamming. It’s cool the way he does this, and is different from a lot of other videos I have seen. His voice is in an upper range and is very rich, and the song has an Uncle Kracker vibe to it. The harmonizing in the sing is great also, with Kanno recording his voice singing in different keys and then mixing them back together in the studio. It’s an enjoyable song with pleasant visuals in the vid. The song ends with great piano playing, with the camera on Kanno’s hands playing the notes on the piano keys. It’s a fitting end to the video– just emphasizing the unique talent of this up and coming musician."

12/12: "Changes" just received a great review from Patrick Conlan and the Illinois Entertainer!


11/12: Here is a music video for "We Don't Have to Change" off the album "Changes":

*to view videos full screen, click on youtube logo

11/12: KUMD in MN recently charted "Changes" at #27 on their CMJ charts. Glad to see my former bandmate and friends Solid Gold at #2.

11/12:"Changes" was the #15 add on the CMJ top 200 charts this week!
CMJ is like the Billboard of college radio. "Adding" is when a radio station adds the album to their play lists. So out of the hundreds of albums released to radio this week, "Changes" was the 15the highest add in the whole country! Feedback from the stations has been "very positive".

10/12: A music video for the song "We Don't have to Change" is in the works! Stay tuned!

7/12: Checkout Cary's interview at FearlessRadio.com (click here for the fearless site, or here for an MP3).

7/12: A kiteboarding video featuring Cary Kanno's "Zone of Al Capone" featuring Mark Mathis:

7/12: Some photos and A live video from the CD release show at Martyrs (7/20/12). Cary's backing band, "The Giants" features some of Chicagos top musicians (Matt Conway on keys, Andy Lempera on drums, Joey Bohlmann on guitar/ banjo, Holly Senchak vocals, Emma Noel vocals, Adam Dausch percussion, Jake Samson on bass, and Andres Roldan vocals)

"And He Tried" featuring Andres "RonP" Roldan


5/12: Cary's new album "Changes" received a great review from obscuresound.com (a popular music blog that receives over 20,000 visitors per week).


7/12: FREE DOWNLOAD! A Nirvana cover song by Cary Kanno..... Something In the Way. Written for the Murder Studios Nirvana compilation.


5/12: The new album "Changes" is now available in CD format, 2GB flash drive, or MP3 download (click here)


3/12: Promo video for the new album "Changes

"Shine" featuring Holly Sencheck

6/11: Songs from "One" and "Two" are now being played on over 150 college radio stations as well as Pandora and Spotify. Click here download some free tracks

Bum1 cover


Bum2 cover



6/11: Cary had the privilege to sing the National Anthem at Wrigley Field before the Cubs/ Brewers Game:

4/08: Cary wrote and recorded a song for the Showtime Network for the TV show "Weeds"




The Following radio stations are playing Cary Kanno's "One".
Feel free to contact these stations and request a Cary Kanno song:

CJSW Calgary AB, Canada
KEUL Girdwood AK
KHNS Haines AK
WLJS Jacksonville AL
KCAC East Camden AR
KJACK Flagstaff AZ
CILU Thunder Bay ON, Canada
KCRH Hayward CA
KCSS Turlock CA
KGAR Lemoore CA
KSSU Sacramento CA
KDNK Carbondale CO
KMSA Grand Junction CO
KOTO Telluride CO
KRFC Fort Collins CO
WESU Middleton CT
WHUS Storrs CT
WVOF Fairfield CT
WNSU Fort Lauderdale FL
WPRK Winter Park FL
SCAD- Atlanta GA
WRAS Atlanta GA
WVVS Valdosta GA
KKCR Hanalei HI
KALA Davenport IA
KUNI Cedar Falls IA
KWAR Waverly IA
KWLC Decorah IA
KRFP Moscow ID
CLC Grayslake IL
WGBK Glenview IL
WIIT Chicago IL
WLCA Godfrey IL
WLTL La Grange IL
WMCR Monmouth IL
WMXM Lake Forest IL
WRDP Chicago IL
WRSE Elmhurst IL
WUIC Chicago IL
WCYT Ft. Wayne IN
WSWI Evansville IN
WVUR Valparaiso IN
CHMR St. Johns NF, Canada
WRFL Lexington KY
KLPI Ruston LA
KNWD Natchitoches LA
KRVS Lafayette LA
KSCL Shreveport LA
KXUL Monroe LA
WCFM Williamstown MA
WKKL West Barnstable MA
WMLN Milton MA
WTCC Springfield MA
WUML Lowell MA
CJUM Winnipeg Man, Canada
XTSR Towson MD
WERU East Orland ME
WHSN Bangor ME
WMHB Waterville ME
WMPG Portland ME
WUMF Farmington ME
WUMM Machias ME
WHFR Dearborn MI
WIDR Kalamazoo MI
WMHW Mt. Pleasant MI
WMTU Houghton MI
WNMC Traverse City MI
WXOU Rochester MI
KFAI Minneapolis MN
KMSU Mankato MN
KUMD Duluth MN
KUMM Morris MN
KVSC St. Cloud MN
KDHX St. Louis MO
KOPN Columbia MO
KSLU St. Louis MO
KTRM Kirksville MO
WUSM Hattiesburg MS
KDWG Dillon MT
RLC Piscataway NJ
WFDU Teaneck NJ
WGLS Glassboro NJ
WRSU New Brunswick NJ
M3 New York NY
WARY Valhalla NY
WBNY Buffalo NY
WCVF Fredonia NY
WCVM Morrisville NY
WCWP Brookville NY
WDWN Auburn NY
WICB Ithaca NY
WMVL Purchase NY
WRCU Hamilton NY
WRHU Hempstead NY
WRUR Rochester NY
WSIA Staten Island NY
WSPN Saratoga Springs NY
WUSB Stony Brook NY
BearCast Cincinnati OH
WCBE Columbus OH
WCSB Cleveland OH
WLHS Liberty Township OH
WMCO New Concord OH
WOUB Athens OH
WRUW Cleveland OH
WUDR Dayton OH
KRSC Claremore OK
CFMU Hamilton ON, Canada
CHRW London ON, Canada
CHUO Ottawa ON, Canada
CSCR Scarborough ON, Canada
KEOL La Grande OR
KMHC Gresham OR
KPSU Portland OR
KPUR Forest Grove OR
KWVA Eugene OR
WIXQ Millersville PA
WMUH Allentown PA
WRKC Wilkes-Barre PA
WSYC Shippensburg PA
WVMW Scranton PA
WXAC Reading PA
KANM College Station TX
KSAU Nacogdoches TX
KSHU Huntsville TX
KSYM San Antonio TX
WCWM Williamsburg VA
WLUR Lexington VA
WUVT Blacksburg VA
WVCW Richmond VA
WGDR Plainfield VT
WRUV Burlington VT
KAOS Olympia WA
KWCW Walla Walla WA
KUWS Superior WI
WIPZ Kenosha WI
WRNC Ashland WI
WSUP Platteville WI
WWSP Stevens Point WI

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