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Dance Can you dance
Yes you can dance You should just Dance
You sit there like you don’t care
But I can see your heart and you’re almost there
So come out of that shell and you’ll be well
And happy
Just listen to the bass feel the pace
start just tap your foot you don’t need much space
Then shake your shoulders up and down like me
The child in you wants to dance
Don’t hold back give it a chance
You’ll be so glad that you did
Now you’re getting it
Now on the count of 4 I want you to jump up and
Down to the beat I know you can do it
1, 2    1, 2, 3, 4
Jump jump jump

Dancing sets your heart free
And you can be you and I can be me
Dancing I think you agree
I love you and you love me so you can just
So grab your mom or grab your dad
Ask them to dance Even if they dance bad
It doesn’t really matter as long as they move
To the beat
I dance around you and you dance around me
You dance so well it’s clear to see
You moves you dance right on the beat
Ok. Do you want to try this jumping thing again?
I know you’ve been jumping this whole time right?
1, 2    1, 2, 3, 4


Fun under the sun

White sand in your toes Smell the sea in your nose
Touch the Earth yeah it glows sunsets are pretty shows
Gulls laugh up above These are things that we love
Palms sway in the breeze those crazy dancing trees
People play on the shore you couldn’t wish for more
In the surf under the sun Oh this is so much fun

And when the sun goes down tonight
We can play under moon light

We have so much fun
Fun under the sun
We are all one
One under the sun
We splash and play all day still the palms they sway
build castles in the sand in the distance hear a band
We take a boat out to the sea I jump in and you follow me
Beautiful and full of grace Never gonna leave this place

Daddys Song

Daddy has a song and it goes like this
Bee bop Bee bop Bee bop Bee bop
It’s catchy and it’s easy so you can’t miss
Bee bop Bee bop Bee bop Bee bop

You can tap your feet and you can clap your hands
Or you can go ahead and sing along with the band
Mommy calls him honey cause he’s sweet as can be
Bee bop Bee bop Bee bop Bee bop
He also has a dance It’s amazing to see
Bee bop Bee bop Bee bop Bee bop
You Stomp your feet and you shake your head
Then Put your hand above your eyes like your looking ahead

Fergie the Frog

Fergie the frog is a friend
He’ll stay with me till the end
I met him one day at the edge of the creek
by the bend
Fergie goes hopping around
searching for worms on the ground
Sleeping in forests and playing in mud
Waiting all year for the flood to come

We listen to the whistles of birds
They sound so pretty they’re calling to us
something they’d like to discuss today
Asking us what’s all the fuss



Rain it falls on a summer day
Boy I wish it would go away
Because now I can’t go outside and play
And In- side I must stay
But rain cleans the Earth
And rain makes it green
And rain keeps us cool and clean
Rain gives us food and It makes all the flowers bloom
Rain is not all doom and gloom
And you can sing in the rain
You can watch it Watch it trickle down the drain
Rain can wash away your pain
Rain gives us rainbows
And rainbows remind us of love
Rain comes straight from above
We can cuddle tight and watch some TV
Rain brings us together you and me
It gives us puddles to splash
It waters the flowers and makes them bloom
It keeps the grass green
And the food we eat needs rain
It cools us down on a hot summer day

So you see that there’s reasons
Reasons to like the rain
Reasons rain is good
From the puddles that you splash in
To the froggy in you your yard
We all love the rain
when it seems like life stops
And you’re Staring at the drops
Remember it’s the drops of life
And be happy not sad
And you will be glad
And you’ll know This rain is for you
So play in the rain
No it’s not insane


Marching Marching

Do you like to march
Do you like to march
Would you like to march with me
Do you like to march
Do you like to march
Would you please march with me
Move your feet to the beat
Up and down on the street
But in one place you’ll stay
Swing your arms from side to side
Use the drum as your guide
It’s not hard you’ll see
You can clap
You can sing
You can do anything
Just keep time
And say this rhyme
And with no doubt ya you’ll be fine
over under up above
Yes we march we march for love
We march around with friends and family
Thru living rooms and dining rooms
And wherever we can find the room
We will stay and march the night away




These are the sounds that Animals make
These are the sounds that Animals make
Animals all over the world

A doggy says woof
A horse says Neigh
A kitty purrs meow
Oh you’re getting it now
A frog says ribbit
A seal goes bark
A cow says moo
Now how about you
A cricket goes chirp
But his mouth he does not use
His wings make the noise
As He Broadcasts his news
A parrot can talk
Yeah He say hello
It’s called a mimic
It’s a social thing ya know
Animals have a voice
So Listen to what they say
They can teach so much
They can lead the way
Verse 2:
Ducks go quack
Birds go tweet
Goats to baaaa
Ya That’s pretty sweet
A dolphin can click
An owl goes hooo
A tiger growls
But we’re not through
Chickens go cluck
Roosters cock a doodle do
Do you tell the difference
Hen’s go cluck too
ever heard of a Hyena?
Because they can laugh
They think it’s pretty funny
The long neck of a giraffe


Maui Sun
Soaking up sun rays in the sand
Bottomless beverage in my hand
In the distance there’s a ukulele band
Ohh Ohh maui sun
Feelin so free so I jumped in the sea
Shallow and warm and blue as can be
Got on my knee and said this is for me
Maui Sun
On my cabana waves rocks me to sleep
The tides are speaking and my dreams are deep
This is mine it’s for me to keep
Oh Oh maui sun

This is the place where I left my heart
This is the place I knew I had to depart
And I know that someday I’ll be back
Back to the place where I left my heart
Crack a coconut over my head
We’re going to a luau, so show me the spread
I’ll be up all night I’ve never going to bed maui fun
Lemonade smoothie with a cherry on top
I can do this dance I won’t ever stop
All this time It’s been mine Maui sun
Dance the night away like its going out of style
But that’s not true and I’ll be here for a while
This is mine it’s for me to keep Oh Oh maui sun

Sunny Days

Sunny days are Sunny days
Sunny days can be Funny days
We do what we want on sunny days
So we wish for sunny days
honey days and funny days
Sunny days
You are in my mind
Almost all the time
You mean so much to me
I love you and you love me
that’s plain to see
On these sunny days
We go to the park and play
You can slide and swing
Make a new friend
All the time you spend
On sunny days

All winter long we’ve longed for sunny days
Wait for the grass to turn green
Birds are singing their songs
And we can sing along
Now you sing

Good Morning

Good morning to you sir how did you sleep?
Feeling rested and ready to face the day
Did you dream of nice things like Candy and treats
Were you comfy and womfey all sung in bed
What would you like for breakfast eggs and toast
Waffles bacon or sausage
Pin-apple banana strawberries
Watermelon or grapes
A good breakfast will put you in the right mood
Gives you energy to play
The sun is shining the birds are out out to play
It’s a beautiful day
Good morning to you my love
I love you in every way
Good morning to you my love
Ya know I love you every day
So good morning to you
Good morning to you
Verse 2:
Put your socks and your shoes on Tie them tight
Brush your teeth don’t forget
Comb your hair you look nice Time to go
Got a busy day
It’s gonna be a good day
Don’t forget your smile it melts me to see
You know make me so proud just because you’re you
I love to watch you play having fun
You brighten Up my day you give me so much


Goodnight sleep tight
Goodnight my love

It’s been such a long day,
I know you’re fighting sleep
But if you just close your eyes
And you start counting sheep you will see

The best things in life are free
Like the love between you and me
The best things in life come free
Just like you & just like me

And when you dream of the things
That you saw today
Like bugs and planes and trains and rain
Going down the drain


Home is Where the Heart is

Cause Home is where the heart is
Yeah home is where the heart is
If you feel like your home
You’ll know it’s your own
Your family is there
It’s where you wash your hair
You can climb on your bed
See the books that you read
You can splash in the tub
You can go and eat some grub

Uke solo

It feels great when you know you’re at home
You see the love this is where you belong
Nothing beats it so put this in motion
Love is there thats as big as the ocean

And after a long day of swimming in the bay
You can rest your head on the pillows on your bed
And when you awake you can eat some cake
Or you can sing a song
cause this is where you belong



What did you do in School Today?

What did you do in school today?
Did you go out and did you play?
And did you sleep and did you dream
Did you make a mess and did you clean
Did you make a new friend
Or Did you make two
Did you make a painting
You’re so special I love you
Did your teacher read a story
Or did she read two
Did you ride a tricycle
Did you learn to tie your shoe
Whisper secrets to your friend
Learn to borrow and learn to lend
These are things you should know
I just love to watch you grow